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What wireless range does SlingStudio support?

SlingStudio has been tested at wireless ranges of up to 300 feet under optimum conditions.

The wireless range can vary depending on:

  • Any physical barriers such as walls (line of sight conditions recommended)
  • Interference with other networks in your area
  • Video production mode (bit rate)
  • Number of devices connected to SlingStudio, and how far away they are (the more devices, and the farther away they are, the lower the wireless range in total)
  • Type of device (for example, iPhone, Android phone, and so on)

The SlingStudio Console offers a Wi-Fi health indicator of your SlingStudio setup, which provides a real-time indication of the Wi-Fi health of your system, taking into account the distance between the video sources and the SlingStudio unit, the distance between the Console and the SlingStudio unit, any interference with surrounding networks, bit rates selected, and physical barriers in between.

If the Wi-Fi health is needs improvement, the Console offers recommendations to improve it, along with suggestions as to the most productive way(s) to improve wireless range.

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