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Motion graphics video and the SlingStudio Console chroma-key feature

How to create and use cool motion graphics video clips with the SlingStudio Console chroma-key feature.

The SlingStudio Console chroma-key feature works great with live video. But you can also use it with motion graphics video to create extra-cool effects that are limited only by your imagination.

How do you do that?

First: Create a motion graphics video clip as either an MP4 or a MOV file with H.264-encoded content. For example, you could do that using tools such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, or Apple Final Cut Pro.

Second: Use the motion graphics clip with SlingStudio Console in either of two ways:

  • Connect a PC or Mac computer directly to the SlingStudio unit using its HDMI-In port, and then play the motion graphics video as a live video source. (If the PC or Mac has an HDMI-out provision, you could also connect it to a SlingStudio CameraLink device and use that as a SlingStudio video source.)
  • You can also import the motion graphics video clip into your SlingStudio project directly. For more information, take a look at the iPad or Mac articles that are linked below.

Finally: Once you've brought the motion graphics video clip into SlingStudio Console, you can then use the SlingStudio Console chroma-key feature to key out the solid background color from your motion graphics video, and then overlay it on top of the video that you want to work with.

Need more details? Take a look at the main iPad or Mac articles on using the SlingStudio chroma-key feature. They're linked below.