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I’m seeing an "Error 200" message

Are you seeing “Error 200” message? Take a look here.

On some occasions, an Error 200 message can occur if you're streaming to Facebook Live. If you're seeing this:

  1. First, make sure that you have the latest version of the SlingStudio Console app on your Apple iPad or your Apple Mac computer. (The download links are in the Updating SlingStudio Console section, below.)
  2. If you're still seeing an Error 200 message, even with the latest version of the SlingStudio app, then refer to the Workaround section below.


As part of its efforts to address data protection for its users, Facebook released API (software) updates on August 1, 2018. Along with that, Sling Media updated SlingStudio Console to work with this Facebook update.

That SlingStudio Console update is available now.

IMPORTANT: Older versions of the SlingStudio Console app no longer work with Facebook Live streaming. While by far the best solution is to update your version of SlingStudio Console, if you must use a previous Console version, the only workaround is setting up a custom RTMP stream within the SlingStudio Console app. (For more information about doing that, see Setting up custom RTMP streams for popular live-streaming destinations, linked below.)

Updating SlingStudio Console

Again, it's best to update SlingStudio Console as soon as possible:

  • SlingStudio Console app for Apple iPad: Download it here from the Apple App Store.
  • SlingStudio Console app for Apple Mac: Download from

Error 200 workaround

In the unlikely event that you're still seeing an Error 200 message, even after updating to the latest version of SlingStudio Console on your Apple iPad or Apple Mac computer, here's a workaround that you can try.


Error 200 is an authentication problem—meaning that there are issues with providing your user ID and password.

Streaming SlingStudio video live via Facebook requires two sets of authentication:

  • The first authentication tells Facebook that it's okay to get your user information (your public profile, Friends list, events, and so forth);
  • The second authentication is your approval to publish the live video post on your timeline.

If you somehow did not offer the second authentication, then you'll see Error 200 when you try to post your video stream.

Resolving an Error 200:

  1. Log out from Facebook completely, both from the SlingStudio Console app, and from Facebook on the Safari web browser on your iPad:
    1. From the SlingStudio Console app, tap Project Settings (from the control strip on the left side of the screen, tap the icon just below the SlingStudio logo).
    2. In Project Settings, under Live Broadcasting, tap your Broadcast Destination.
    3. Tap your broadcast destination again in the Destinations screen.
    4. Tap Log Out in the upper-right corner of the Facebook screen.
    5. Go to Facebook on your iPad Safari web browser, and log out from there as well.
  2. Log in again to Facebook as needed (from the Console app, and from a web browser on your computer). Be sure to grant any permissions that are requested.

Important: For now, from the Console app, you can only access Facebook Pages that you have created, or those to which you have administrator access. Live streaming to Facebook Groups is expected to be supported in a future Facebook release.

Facebook no longer allows live streaming to Facebook Events.