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SlingStudio Support Policy

SlingStudio includes 90 days of complimentary technical support.

After the complimentary support period, customers must pay a small fee to talk to a support agent.

Q: Why do we only offer 90 days of complimentary support?

A: Here's why:

  • Typically, if a problem is going to occur, most owners of consumer electronic products experience it when they first set up and start actively using their new product.
  • If a product has a manufacturing defect, such as a hardware problem that was introduced in the factory and somehow missed in the quality checks, it shows up in the first hours of use. That's the case for over half of these types of defects.

Q: What about the SlingStudio hardware? How long is the warranty for it?

A: We have a one-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects. If it turns out that your issue is indeed covered by your product’s warranty, we’ll refund the per-incident support fee and provide you with a free option to service your product. Please see our warranty policies at SlingStudio Warranties for the specifics.

Q: Why do we ask for your email address when you call for support?

A: When you set up your SlingStudio, we ask you to register it. When you register, your email address gets associated with your SlingStudio serial number. We use that association to look up your eligibility for support and to determine your warranty status.

Q: What if you don’t register your SlingStudio? How do we determine whether you’re eligible for support?

A: We will ask you to email us your proof of purchase so that we can help resolve your problem.

Q: What happens when your 90 days of complimentary support are up?

A: We ask you to pay for your call up front, but if we determine that the issue is with the SlingStudio hardware, your payment is refunded.

We hope we've answered your questions - and that your problem is resolved quickly so you can enjoy creating great videos with SlingStudio!