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Does SlingStudio support live video broadcasting?

SlingStudio supports live broadcasting directly from the Console app to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Vimeo.

SlingStudio supports live-streaming in all of these ways:

  • Facebook: You can live-stream to Facebook. For more details, take a look at the article linked below.
  • YouTube: You can live-stream to YouTube, too! Again, please see the article below.
  • Vimeo: Need to broadcast using multiple streams? You can use the SlingStudio Console together with your Vimeo Premium-level account. Take a look below for more details.
  • RTMP streams: Set up custom RTMP streams to many popular live-streaming destinations.

You can also live-broadcast from a PC or Mac computer that is connected to the SlingStudio unit's HDMI output port.

By the way: To connect your PC or Mac computer to the HDMI output port of the SlingStudio hub, make sure that you have an external encoder device that converts HDMI signals to USB/Thunderbolt—you need that to have the SlingStudio hub appear as "webcam" device on your PC or Mac computer.

Examples of such encoder devices might be any of these:

  1. Magwell USB Capture HDMI Gen 2 device
  2. Elgato Camlink
  3. Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder (to convert HDMI to Thunderbolt for Mac)

Note: SlingStudio does not currently support Facebook Workplace.