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All about the SlingStudio Battery

Here's some detailed information about the SlingStudio Battery.

The SlingStudio Battery is a useful addition that lets you use your SlingStudio anywhere.

Here are some useful facts about the SlingStudio Battery:

  • SlingStudio Battery charge time:
    • Battery that is disconnected from SlingStudio: Approximately than 4 hours.
    • Battery that is connected to a SlingStudio unit that is in use: 10 hours or more.
  • SlingStudio Battery run time:
    • Typically 3-4 hours, depending on factors such as:
      • The production mode of the SlingStudio project
      • Bit rate setting
      • Number of cameras connected
      • Whether SlingStudio is currently live-streaming
    • If the SlingStudio is handling many video streams, then it uses more battery power.
    • Multiple HDMI and USB inputs also cause the SlingStudio to consume more power.
  • Do SlingStudio Battery units come with a plug-in power supply?
    • No, the power supply is shipped only with the SlingStudio device itself.
    • The plug-in power supply can be connected to the SlingStudio Battery and recharge it directly.
    • The battery can also be attached to the SlingStudio and recharged that way (with the plug-in power supply connected to the SlingStudio).

SlingStudio Battery LED behavior

Battery LED behavior



Battery is not being charged

Red, glowing steadily


Green, glowing steadily

Fully charged